Stage Wiring Kit AK-82CA


Amplifier wiring kit for amps up to 550 watts

Get all the power and signal wires you need for your amp in one easy package.

This complete wiring kit, for amps rated up to 550 watts , includes power, ground, and signal wires, plus a fuse, fuse holder, and electrical connectors. The copper-clad aluminum wires ensure excellent signal flow with no added noise, for top-notch, long-term high peformance from your amplifier.


General Specifications

Power handling 200 watts RMS - 550 watts Max
Power and ground wire gauge 8AWG
Remote turn-on wire gauge 18AWG
Fuse rating 40A
Fuse type AFS
Operating temperature range -20°C - +80°C


Power wire length 5 meters
RCA audio cable length 5meters
Ground wire length 5 meter
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Spec Sheet (EN)

English 1 MB
  • 1 x Yellow power cable, 8 AWG, 5meters
  • 1 x Gray ground cable, 8 AWG, 5meters
  • 1 x Blue remote turn-on wire, 5meters
  • 1 X 2channel RCA audio cable, 5 meters
  • 1 x 40A fuse
  • 1 x fuse holder
  • 6 x tie raps
  • 3 x connector sleeves

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