Model# J55 WHT


JBL   Product Detail

High-performance on-ear headphones

€ 59,99 each

  • Stainless Steel Headband

    These headphones feature stainless steel headband for increased durability and style.

  • Metal Alloy Housing

    In a world oversaturated by conventional, plastic headphones, these earbuds feature metal alloy housing for increased durability and an authenic look to match their JBL Sound.

  • Legendary JBL sound

    Now you don’t have to venture far from home to experience the legendary power, clarity and technical accuracy of the JBL sound.

  • Silicone Sleeves

    Ears come in all shapes and sizes. So we include three pairs of silicone sleeves: small, medium and large. An optimal fit not only increases comfort, it also reduces ambient noise in the ear canal.

  • Carry Case

    JBL sound is always worth protecting. An included carry case keeps your product safe from bumps and bruises.

  • Exclusive Design

    Exclusive design

  • iOS-compatible

They generate pure bass – and headphone envy

Acoustic performance that outclasses the competition.

Drawing on expertise learned from building some of the finest loudspeakers in the world, JBL engineers created lightweight, over-ear headphones with a fresh look and uncompromising JBL sound. The J55’s premium drivers generate clarity and extended bass that competitive products simply can’t touch. Pure, accurate bass lets you hear the truth from your music.

Our unique, DJ pivot mechanism lets you rotate either ear-cup up to 180 degrees, which frees up one ear to hear outside sound. Bold styling details, including brushed stainless steel ear-cup and headband accents, make J55 headphones an aesthetic, as well as acoustic, triumph.

  • Know what's
    in the box

    • 1 set ofJBL J55 on-ear headphones
    • 1 4'3-3/16" (1.3M), single-side, detachable, flat elastomer cable
    • 1 paddedcarry pouch
    • Owner’smanual
    • Warrantycard
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Features & benefits

Bold JBL design and premiumfinishing

From thebrushed stainless steelheadband and ear-cup accents to the matte black or white housings, from theembossed, metallic JBL logos to the cable that matches the ear pads, theseheadphones are designed to be as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the ears.

Premium, high-performance JBL drivers

JBLdrivers deliver precise, powerful sound for an exceptional listeningexperience. Bass is pure, deep and accurately produced – the calling card oflegendary JBL sound. As a result, J55s outperform competitive products costingmuch more.

Rotating, 180-degree DJ pivotmechanism

Sometimesyou need to be aware of more than just your music. J55 ear-cups rotate up to180 degrees while you’re wearing them so you can keep one ear on your audio andone ear on external sounds or conversations. The ear-cups rotate under theheadband for easy storage and transport.

Soft leather ear cushions

Our ear cushionsfeature a soft leather that provides longwearing comfort. It also helpsmaintain an acoustic seal on the ear, which improves the headphones’ passivenoise reduction. And that means a purer listening experience.

Closed-back design

J55headphones feature a closed-back design that blocks ambient noise and minimizesleaking. So the outside noise stays outside, and your listening experiencestays yours and yours alone.

Single-side, detachable cable

Tangledcables are a constant source of frustration. But not with the J55s. The tangle-resistant,flat elastomer cable connects to just one ear-cup, which further minimizestangling. The cable also detaches from the ear-cup for added flexibility.

Cable-locking mechanism

Aunique, twist-lock mechanism keeps the detachable cable secure when it’sconnected. When you plug the cable into the ear-cup, a simple twist locks it inplace.

Rugged strain relief

Astrong, secure connection between the housing and cable is critical for bothdurability and sound quality. Our rugged strain relief connector dampensvibration for enhanced acoustic performance.

Gold-plated jack with extensionring

Thegold-plated jack incorporates an extension ring that works with most customsmartphone covers and cases. So you don’t have to slip off your protective caseto connect the headphones.

Padded carry pouch

JBLsound is always worth protecting. An included padded carry pouch keeps theheadphones safe from bumps and bruises when you’re not wearing them.

Specsheets & manuals

Audio Specifications
Driver1-5/8-inch (40mm)
Input Impedance32 ohms