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Car Speakers

Turn up the sound in your car or boat with speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and digital processors for the latest car and marine audio systems.

  • Car Speakers

    Using Plus One® woofer-cone technology and rugged construction materials plus UniPivot™ tweeter positioning and the I-Mount™ system for the tweeters, JBL automotive speakers are the ideal upgrade for any car's audio system.

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    GTO 429

    Factory-sized replacement speakers

    € 69,99 per pair

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    GTO 609C

    Installs easily and delivers superior JBL sound

    € 119,99 per pair

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  • Car Subwoofers

    Whether its a polypropylene woofer cone to ensure maximum efficiency and performance or a progressive spider cone to provide exceptional control and reduce distortion at the highest output levels, JBL subwoofers outperform anything you may have heard before.

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    12" Single Voice Coil Subwoofer

    € 49,99 each

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    Subwoofer Box

    € 229,99 each

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    MS-BassPro SQ

    Excellent performance for all types of music

    € 349,99 each

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  • Car amplifiers & processors

    JBL car audio amplifiers and processors provide unmatched ease of installation, configuration and calibration for clean, powerful sound.

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    Powerful and Compact 415-Watt Subwoofer Amplifier

    € 109,99 each

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    5-channel system amplifier

    € 349,99 each

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    Digital Processing Mono Amplifier.

    € 379,99 each

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