Stage Wiring Kit AK-82CA


Amplifier wiring kit for amps up to 550 watts

€29.9929.99 per system
Get all the power and signal wires you need for your amp in one easy package.

This complete wiring kit, for amps rated up to 550 watts , includes power, ground, and signal wires, plus a fuse, fuse holder, and electrical connectors. The copper-clad aluminum wires ensure excellent signal flow with no added noise, for top-notch, long-term high peformance from your amplifier.


General Specifications

Power handling 200 watts RMS - 550 watts Max
Power and ground wire gauge 8AWG
Remote turn-on wire gauge 18AWG
Fuse rating 40A
Fuse type AFS
Operating temperature range -20°C - +80°C


Power wire length 5 meters
RCA audio cable length 5meters
Ground wire length 5 meter
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Spec Sheet (EN)

English 1 MB
  • 1 x Yellow power cable, 8 AWG, 5meters
  • 1 x Gray ground cable, 8 AWG, 5meters
  • 1 x Blue remote turn-on wire, 5meters
  • 1 X 2channel RCA audio cable, 5 meters
  • 1 x 40A fuse
  • 1 x fuse holder
  • 6 x tie raps
  • 3 x connector sleeves

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